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It’s been 6 months but it still hurts like it was yesterday. I wonder if I still cross your mind. Do you even miss me? Do you even think about all the memories we’ve shared? Your smile, your voice, your cute hands, your hugs, the way you call me ‘agomko’ and ‘babyko’, your cute fart, our stupid fights, and everything that we’ve been through. I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused you, for taking you for granted, for wasting the love you’ve showed me. I wish we’ll have our second chance. I love you so much, Adrian. I miss you a lot :’(

"We met at the wrong time. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. Maybe one day years from now, we’ll meet in a coffee shop in a far away city somewhere and we could give it another shot."

- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004 (via feellng)



Do you ever wonder about how an author would describe you in a novel? Not only your appearance but the way you talk and laugh and hold yourself and all the expressions on your face?


  • me: feels lonely
  • me: isolates self

"Who did that to you? Who fucked you up so bad, emotionally and mentally that you’ve completely shut down anyone who tries to help you. You don’t talk about your feelings, you push kind people away, and you let negative people in. You refuse to open up and let someone love or care about you. Who fucking did that to you?"

- (via slutstatus)

Someone I love so much with all my heart and someone I thought would never hurt me.

"You almost convinced me I mattered."

- (Six word story)